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“ I’m so full of you that there are parts of me that can only respond to your touch. My hair, my mouth, my throat: they’re all anxious for you. They’re all waiting. Anyone else feels like they don’t belong. But you, you’ve got me all wired up, nerves twisted into knots, hands fucking shaking before they’ve even touched. You feel like home even though you’re not. That’s the most terrifying part of it all. You’re not, but the rest of me is convinced that you are. ”

—    Azra.T “Homeostasis” (via 5000letters)

(via mindendeavors)

i just unfriended someone on facebook because he posted pictures of his wife having a baby via c-section. like, with her stomach all open and bloody and the baby’s head sticking out of the stomach. and then a picture of the baby right after it was pulled out and still covered in gunk. like why the fuck do you think it’s okay to post that on facebook? 

Is it supposed to be this difficult?